Why my pregnancy caused the steepest startup growth curve!

It’s funny the things that project you forward. The startup journey is a messy looping dance with little that you can control. Like my husband said “it’s like you have to go through the humbling failures to see what the market really needs.”

So when I discovered an unexpected surprise 4 months after taking investment to grow Shop My Town, I quickly embraced the news. 3 years in business have taught me a lot!

Because this is number four, and I had managed to balance life & work. You could also say I had fallen into a rut. My new sales consultant was failing miserably, the local market had dried up, and the wheels were spinning. 

“The Entrepeneur craves control” writes Michael E. Gerber in the E Myth. My deadline to the end of control was set, and big change was needed! 

Negotiating with my investors, I set action into place immediately. In a matter of ten days, I hired two new (amazing) team members, and moved our office into Toowoomba. The bustling rural city had shown a voracious appetite for the Shop My Town product, and our other regions circled the city.

It really was a mammoth effort, the biggest shift being one of mindset. Our promises to our faithful members simply could not be delivered with my small team. However, without the pressure of my expected fourth child, I’m pretty sure I would have held the reigns for longer!

Our tiny office is located in the beautiful building on Ruthven St Toowoomba

Just goes to show that the thing that drove me was unexpected vulnerability, and powerful change resulted. I feel more convicted than ever that women in positions of business leadership, operating in the fullness of their femininity, are a powerful force!