What do we DO?

Having a chat with Sandy at Van Ansems yesterday, I realised that not many people know what we actually DO!
So – here it is!
Realising there was little return on investment for small business using traditional marketing, we made a whole new product. Our results have been amazing, with 55 local businesses coming on board in the past 10 months. “After creating a boosted post on my Facebook page last week, I received 3 photography bookings in 3 days” said Jen, a local birth photographer & Shop My Town member.
So, how does it work?
1. We know the eyeballs are online. And on Facebook. With 15,000 people using Facebook in the Lockyer Valley, and 44,000 in Toowoomba, it’s an untapped promotional avenue for your business. Facebook algorithms block your general posts from reaching them, with the average business only getting 7 likes when the put up a photo.
2. To solve this, our membership program gets any business active online. We build a web page, take professional photos, and set up a blog. THEN the fun starts – all our members start using our training program to write stories about their business, and reach the local community through Facebook.
3. We train up a ‘Web Guru’ in your team, and provide support to ANY business to succeed. I get goosebumps every day seeing the creative, talented material local businesses are writing, and watch third generation businesses that have been operating for over 100 years winning our ‘Hero of the Month’ award for best blog writing! “Although I was hesitant at the start, since including pictures of our staff in our Facebook posts and Shop My Town blogs, we have been reaching  so many more people” said Clare, Web Guru at Goodwin & Storr Mitre 10 “Who would have thought that people actually wanted to see our faces!”
4. Yes, a huge part of what we do is advocating for small business. We put our members blogs, and lots of local information onto our Facebook page, and boost it to the local community. Essentially, we are disrupting traditional media through telling the news to people online. This makes our memberships more valuable, as we boost their business through Facebook.
5. Only mum & dad business get to be members of Shop My Town, because our vision is to save small towns for the future of our children, and I really don’t think the big multinationals give two hoots about our children’s future.
I LOVE every minute of my work, getting to know the most genuine, caring & clever people that keep our towns alive! Please reach out if you want to talk about this! Phone our Laidley office 54651711