October 20, 2015




Melody Jarvis, Founder


I started this journey early in 2014, finding no solution to my need for more online info on my local shops in Gatton. Sick of trawling the internet and Yellow Pages to only find outdated or missing details, I decided to put my digital marketing background to good use.
The plan was to create a new engagement model by hacking together the best bits of the online tech world. By studying people’s habits, we were able to see a huge use of Facebook & Google in small towns, and built a platform to piggyback off that.
Why have a big, dead website, when all you need are the best bits and pieces? Our focus is solely on getting a small business a return, so we only deliver the sweet stuff.
This includes a one page website with your own blog, professional photoshoot, and now our new commerce marketplace, to bring extra revenue in.
Of course, you need to know how to use the tools, so we have developed an online training portal to help.
To scale this up to a level that could provide viable support across regional Australia, I am now a student in the Entourage Saleable & Scalable program.
The vision now is firmly in place “To save small towns for the future of our children”.
Our mission is to drive family business forward through technology. By 2020 we will empower 150,000.00 family business to use digital marketing.


  • Stay firm in the belief that we can change small towns and give them a future.

  • Make every shop famous in their town.

  • Develop an outcomes focus – keenness does not equate to substance.

  • Stay humble and connected to the real people in our towns.

  • To disrupt each day with joy

  • Inspire people to dream and grow.

  • Become the town connector between business, community and government.

  • To only speak words of growth for every business and person in our town.

  • Become an expert in our field by working within our strengths

  • We see digital communication as a powerful human connector capable of growing small town society

If this inspires you, and you want to help, we need able and willing volunteers to spread the message. We need ideas and input from business on how we can help. Lets not give up too easily on nurturing our Aussie way of life for the future of our children. They deserve to live and grow in a small town!!