May 24, 2016

Shop Selfie to Win! $50 voucher in your favourite store!

Nicole taking down Evie's desires onto a list for Santa!

Queensland Week is our opportunity to say thank you to the many great businesses that make up our towns. The mum and dad owners rise early each morning, do a million things to get their shop open, then tirelessly serve you all day. These wonderful people hold our towns together, donate to our local events & charities, and train up the next generation.


Social media gives you a powerful way to say thank you back. By taking a “selfie” inside their shop, and featuring their business, you stimulate word of mouth and help their business grow.

Throw your weight behind small business today by taking a #shopselfie and sharing the love. Add the hashtag #shopselfie to every photo you share on social media, and we will find it and give the business a free promotion.


Plus! We will award one lucky winner a $50 voucher in the shop they did their selfie in! If you are a small business in QLD, download the Window Card now, and spread the word!

To ask any questions, just click the button below to chat to our team in Facebook messenger, or head to our Contact page.

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Because our vision is to save small towns for the future of our children!


Take a selfie and spread the word of mouth online!