December 23, 2015

Digital Inclusion Program

What is Digital Inclusion?

At Shop My Town, we see how many small business can’t compete, due to lack of digital skills. While big business throw big dollars at social marketing, digital innovation, and new channels of revenue, small business are left behind. The encouraging fact, though, is that small business can do a BETTER job, with a little bit of training. A recent Socialbakers report indicated local social media pages attracted 346% higher engagement than a global alternative. Enabling small business to use digital tools has a profound effect in raising local support, and growing local economies.

How do we do it?

The Shop My Town program consists of initial face to face training, delivered in each business, tailored to their needs. We also build the tools required to allow the business to succeed. That may be a website, setup on a shopping app, or simply organising a photoshoot and creation of social accounts.

After that, a ‘web guru’ inside the business is inducted into our group training program, and we take them through weekly webinars and tutorials to upgrade their skills.

Training includes videos, online courses in our portal, email delivery & an interactive Facebook group where we deliver live webinars. Of course, in person training is always vital to help our members understand this world, so we have local social consultants to help with their needs.

What do our tutorials look like?

What have we achieved?

Our members have achieved success in applying these digital skills to their business, in real revenue growth.

“After using Shop My Town to reach our target market on Facebook with a fun, authentic challenge for our oversized Canyon burger, we sold 97 burgers the following week.

— Lisa, Hot Rods Diner

This is because we are the specialist in understanding how localised, small communities consume content. Every advertising campaign we teach, every digital tool we build, has been crafted to suit small communities.

 Melody helped me put the ideal customer credentials into the Facebook Boosting tool, we were able to reach 8000 people for our workshop, resulting in 40 people coming to our Fairy Garden workshop – we ran out of materials!”

— Wendy, Fairy Dell Highfields

What awards have we won?

Melody was recognised in 2016 as an Advance QLD Digital Champion for her work in regional QLD. Shop My Town has also awarded a Highly Commended Judges Award in 2015 by the Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Our Future:

Shop My Town has expanded into Toowoomba and Ipswich over the past 6 months, with a plan to enter 5 new areas in QLD in 2017. We will be launching a free program for rural business also, and are seeking partners to enable us to reach 150,000 small business with the tools and education to see them included in the new digital economy.