The summer has arrived and we are getting out our skirts and short pants etc.

A nice sun-kissed skin becomes most desirable.

Today we want to show you and introduce you to the tanning products we trust with some extra tips.


We store a range of Jbronze by Jennifer Hawkins from Shimmer instant Illuminsier to Tanning products. All these products will give you an instant tan.


The tanning products are available in form of Mousse, Cream or Spray and in two colours: Medium for fair/light coloured skin & Dark for dark skin tones.


All tanning products are quiet dark looking but the main reason behind that is to avoid a orange tone. It is easy to apply and give a lovely sun kissed look. Personally we prefer the mousse which is very easy to apply.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E NATURAL BRONZE Body Lotion


It’s a gradual tanning moisturizer with natural cocoa butter and you can use it daily for your whole body and face.


Dove summer glow


Gradual Self Tan Moisturizer comes in 2 shades. One for fair to medium skin and the other one for medium to dark skin. It has a lovely scent and gives you nice tanned skin if you use it daily straight after the shower.





And here are our tips and tricks to get this streak free glowing tan:

Preparation is the key

One day before you plan to tan, give your body a good, all-over scrub with an exfoliation mitt or body scrub and shave. Then, apply a moisturiser generously to ensure your skin is hydrated and smooth. Shaving is not recommended after tanning, it can remove the tan. We have exfoliation mitts in stock.


POP- Protect your pores

On the day you want to apply your tan, do it 30min after your shower to prevent the discolouration of your pores. A shower before your application is referred because you need to wait 8hr after.


Application mitt

To get the best, smooth tan results we encourage you to use an application mitt. It protects your hands from discolouration and with its soft surface it evens the tan nicely and you can go far with less.


Still wash your hands and wrists after you applied the tanning product.

We have application mitts in stock as well.


Smooth the rough spots

To avoid stained or clumped tan on elbows, knees and ankles apply a little bit of body lotion to these areas before applying your tan and only use a little bit of the tanning product.


Avoid oily products

Don’t use any oil based products before tanning as it works as a barrier and prevents an even application.


Talcy tip

After you apply your tan product and it’s a hot day and you know you will perspire- dust talc lightly over your whole body to prevent tan streaks.


Give it moisture

Keep your body hydrated from the inside by drinking minimum of 2L per day on hot days more and from the outside by moisturise your skin daily.


…and always read the instructions!


Have you tried any of the named products?


Leave a review/comment to help other customers to decide on a product and/or encourage them to try a “glowing tan”.

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