Community Page launched to support Western Downs

Community Page launched to support Western Downs

Denella James, of the Bushlander Motel in Wandoan, has been instrumental in suggesting ideas for how the Shop My Town program would work in the Western Downs. Because we build the platform from scratch for each area, we are able to incorporate the specific needs of that region. However, we believe Denella’s idea is so powerful, we will be including it in every region we go to.

The new Community page is a place for all local community groups to tell their story online – for free. Each community group is eligible to use the web tools for free.

Why would you want to do this? Well there are 11,000 people using Facebook in the Western Downs. And we know how commonly people search Google to find out what is on in the region. Your community group is able to reach these people by writing articles on this new page, and sharing them on to Facebook. These articles or posts about your group can then be shared across the community.

Shop My Town is a community engagement model, to assist you to reach out to your community in the online world. This will create a place for the whole community to discover what local sports, hobby, recreation and volunteer organisations are doing in their region. We feel that this will create a new surge of support for our fantastic community groups.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to use these tools, they are as simple and easy as writing an email, and attaching a picture. This is the new ‘normal’ way to reach out to your community. Plus, the Shop My Town team are happy to help you out.

Simply head to the new community page and give us your details, so we can help you get online.


Feel free to call Melody on 0400661874 or email if you have any questions.

And thanks, Denella for your fantastic idea!

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