Recently we received a lot of questions about probiotics. So we thought we tell you the most important details and introduce you to our available products. We even have prepared a PDF information for you, find more information about it below. Things you should know about Probiotic What are Probiotics? “Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that […]


The summer has arrived and we are getting out our skirts and short pants etc. A nice sun-kissed skin becomes most desirable. Today we want to show you and introduce you to the tanning products we trust with some extra tips. Jbronze We store a range of Jbronze by Jennifer Hawkins from Shimmer instant Illuminsier to Tanning […]

We are the Wandoan Pharmacy

Today we would like to introduce ourselves and give you some background information on the pharmacy. Welcome to the Wandoan Pharmacy, my name is Dinah Fraser and I’m a pharmacist and owner of the business. I arrived in Wandoan after purchasing the Wandoan Pharmacy in the late 1960’s. In our next blog you can read […]