Bowel Cancer Awareness Month at Wandoan Pharmacy

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month at Wandoan Pharmacy
June is dedicated to Bowel Cancer and to get more people aware of this horrible disease. It claims the lives of 77 Australians every week and is the 2nd most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia and it affects both men and women almost equally.
BOWEL CANCER is the second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer.
The risk increases with age and if you’re over 50 years of age it increases significantly. Other risk factors are family history, smoking, excess alcohol intake, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet.
Wandoan Pharmacy talks Bowel Cancer
In 2006 the Australian Government introduced the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program which provides free screening to eligible Australians (at the age from 50). You receive it per Mail and send it back per Mail.
This programm is expanding and by 2020 all Australians between 50 and 74 years will be offered a free screening every two years.
Wandoan Pharmacy Talks Bowel Cancer
Source: National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Australian Government
The data comes automatically from the Medicare Register and if you are eligible you should receive a free bowel cancer screening kit. If you haven’t received yours, please contact Queensland Health per Phone 07 46 16 68 48.
If you are younger than 50 years and would like to do a screening just come into the pharmacy. We sell Bowel Screen Kits.
Find more information on the following websites or come into your local Wandoan Pharmacy.
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