Melody Jarvis

Melody Jarvis is the Director and Founder of Shop My Town.

What is the vision of Shop My Town?

A lot of people think Shop My Town has sprung from nowhere, as our social media and web campaign has taken off rapidly in the past 3 months. However, getting 10,000 hits to our website, and reaching 45,000 people in a week on Facebook is the result of a lot of ground work.

I started this journey early in 2014, finding no solution to my need for more online info on my local shops in Gatton. Sick of trawling the internet and Yellow Pages to only find outdated or missing details, I decided to put my digital marketing background to good use.

The plan was to build a great website with info on all the shops & businesses in my town, and create spaces for them to advertise themselves, in a very strategic way.

However this was just not happening quickly enough, and in November 2014 I launched the Shop My Town Facebook page, to provide a boost to local shops over the Christmas period. Simply entering, photographing and displaying stock had a great impact, and we were seeing people change their habits immediately, to support locals.

Getting the website finished a few months later, I also reached out to a very receptive Council, and started to develop relationships with local business.

To scale this up to a level that could provide viable support across a larger area, I am now a student in theEntourage Saleable & Scalable program. The vision now is firmly in place “To save small towns for the future of our children”.

Our mission is to effect change in small towns so that they begin to prosper, so that we can create a future for our children in regional Australia.

Shop My Town Values

  • Stay firm in the belief that we can change small towns and give them a future.
  • Inspire people to dream and grow.
  • Make every shop famous in their town.
  • Let the “Last You” to be the real you today.
  • Become the town connector between business, community and government.
  • Develop an outcomes focus – keenness does not equate to substance.
  • To only speak words of growth for every business and person in our town.
  • Stay humble and connected to the real people in our towns.

If this inspires you, and you want to help, we need able and willing volunteers to spread the message. We need ideas and input from business on how we can help. This is a community effort and we are only as strong as each other. There is so much potential, so much room for growth. Country people naturally have the kind of outlook and characteristics that equate to success. We are warm, resourceful and make do with what we have. The big centres dream of the lifestyle we lead. So lets not give up too easily on nurturing our Aussie way of life for the future of our children. They deserve to live and grow in a small town!!

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Melody Jarvis | Director