Something new is happening in the country….get ready for the rural rat pack!

When you have lived in the same town for years, it’s sometimes hard to recognise change – although it is occurring right around you.

A comment opened my eyes last week. Mel from Porters Plainland was talking about the success of the new Country Markets she had just launched.

“We wanted a farmers market. People love food, and want to travel to the famous Lockyer Valley & buy it, but that’s not where the interest came from.” As soon as she put the word out, she was swamped with stall bookings from the mumprenuers. There were gorgeous cupcakes, handmade candles, baby clothes & jewellery. 

“I thought, if I went to a market, I would love to buy these things, and the demand on the day backed that up”.

 These home based businesses were organised, branded & already had a social following. All they needed was a venue. 

The lack of traditional jobs as well as the new desire to live a life of  personal fulfilment leads the change to self run business. 

Running bootstrap and making do, these agile startups rise off the ground naturally. Support is easy to gain, you simply start a Facebook page & the whole town rallies around! 

The shaping of our upbringing gives rise to success. We have had to survive in impossible circumstances & persevere in utmost hardship. That takes creativity, dedication & a ton of good humour. All the perfect makings of an Entrepenuer. 

Add in an unlimited audience through the Internet, and access to growing free resources in business development and you have a perfect storm. 

We have farmers blogging, teens with clothing labels getting traction impossibly fast & sons of trucking businesses creating tech startups (check out Vute – the uber for removalists). 

Photographed is a friend who has worked hard to create a beautiful, affirming business as a life coach. Farmers daughter turns Entrepenuer!

The only limiting factor is confidence. Teeming with ideas, a young girl holds back because she sees no one around her launching. Full of potential, a young mum hesitates on increasing her pricing to what it’s worth. Fearing public scrutiny, a bright retail manager keeps her beautiful products a secret from social media.

The culture of change, the match to dynamite comes back to our willingness to be cheerleaders. A bunch of knockers, living by the tall poppy rule, we shoot ourselves in the foot. Having a town of battlers has been okay till now. Our agricultural & mining sectors sustained us. But only innovation will save small towns.

The commodity to success for early stage business is confidence. To back yourself, you need a few backers. To take the leap forward, you need a gentle nudge. To keep climbing that slippery slope, oxygen is required.

A value at Shop My Town is “To only speak words of growth for every person & business in our town.” That’s how important it is for our whole team. We won’t inspire change or   growth by criticising & knocking others.

Let’s get a bit patriotic of the next big thing to take our nation forward – our rural innovators are ready & able to lead the way! Give them a leg up!