Small Town, Big Impact: McLean Images

From humble beginnings at a kitchen table, McLean Images has grown into a major printing business, servicing the world from right here in Laidley.

In 1992, Warwick McLean built a wooden frame and began printing on t-shirts in his kitchen. Starting out printing shirts, corflutes and stickers, Warwick worked from home with handmade equipment until 1994, when the purchase of equipment slashed his production time and meant he no longer had to hand set his prints with an iron.

Along with his wife Kathy, Warwick built a successful business that continued to expand and grow.

In 2002, McLean Images moved into their current premises, and since then have boasted some of the most innovative technology in the industry. McLean’s were the first in Australia to have a dedicated industrial digital t-shirt printing machine, and have always had equipment to rival their big-city counterparts. IMG_2171

While Warwick has worked on many a project in his time, the one he just can’t part with is the ‘steam train’ he printed and donned with friends for the Laidley Spring Festival in 2014. 

Even though they had originally found industrial land for their business in Brisbane, Warwick says they ultimately chose a small town lifestyle over the hustle and bustle of the big smoke.

Now McLean’s print anything from billboards and business cards to tea towels and number plate frames, for customers in locations across the world. Over the years, McLean Images have supplied businesses in Melbourne and Perth as well as in Singapore and Vanuatu. Among their client list are big names like Woolworths and Telstra, all supplied with products by the McLean Images factory in Laidley.