Introducing Goodwin & Storr – Mitre 10

Introducing  Goodwin & Storr – Mitre 10

Photo above from left to right: Murial Storr (Aunt), Bill Goodwins son, Arthur Storr (Uncle), Herb Storr (Grandfather, Herb Worked for 72 years from age 13) & Bill Goodwin


19 March 1913 the journey began when Bill Goodwin & Herbert Storr Opened the first Iron Mongering business in the small town of Laidley Queensland.

From humble beginnings, the business developed due to demand and town growth, thus becoming a hardware store in the early 1920’s.

During the 1950’s Bill Goodwin sought retirement and this became an opportunity for brothers Arthur and Allan Storr to take over and create a true family business.

Staying true to the ‘Family business’ tradition, in 1992 the Goodwin & Storr hardware store (keeping Goodwin in the name out of respect and historical nostalgia) is now owned by John Storr (current Manager) and his siblings.

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