Disrupt Your Day with Joy!

Olivia & I were working with several clients who were at the end of their tether. Business life in the country is often 99% survival with little expectation of enjoying life. Owners boast of working 5 years without holidays, exhaustion is rampant and in a lot of cases, this is all just to pay the staff.

Signpost in a park or forested area with arrows pointing two opposite directions towards difficult and easy, concept of different levels of difficulty.

We get why they are fatigued and cranky. But it still sux.

Half the reason Olivia is on the team is her ability to make everyone around her laugh. That just wasn’t happening as she negotiated appointments with our newest members. Several top shelf jokes had been left flat on the floor or whimpering off to the corner to die with the dad joke genre.

Why can’t we still have a little fun for a moment? There needs to be an outside infection to break us free from the rut.

We chat. The ninth value is formed. “Disrupt your day with joy”. Brainstorming with the lovely Shammah from our mentoring team at the Entourage, we build strategy to infect our members with happiness.
As if the divine forces hear our plotting, a mere 20 minutes later, the gorgeous Claire from our 100 year old 3rd generation hardware store, and a new member to Shop My Town, drops off a rockmelon. She raves about how the new customer service skills are helping her connect and that’s it! The first joy disruption has occurred!


While we were planning how to infect our members lives with happiness, we got a first class experience of how a small gesture can turn a day around. The rest of the afternoon was savoured, through the difficulties and we left the office with smiles.
We will keep you updated on our next joy disruption!