It’s in the Family! The Schimdt Family Story!

From the moment you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like part of the family. That’s what has made the Gatton Meat Centre famous in our town, as well as the award winning sausages!


The passion started long ago, Peter Schmidt trying his hand as a butcher at a young age, and leaving school to follow his dream. Striving to be the best, he honed his skills, from slaughter to front door, and onto management. Over the years Peter and his Wife Lyn had two boys, Luke and Joel. Lyn helped out by keeping the books up to date for the business.

Joel was Peter’s shadow, always two steps behind Dad. Naturally interested in following his fathers footsteps, he jumped at the chance to join the trade as an apprentice. It didn’t take more than a phone call in ’98, and Joel was working alongside his father, completing his apprenticeship in 2002.


The same year the Gatton Meat Centre came up for sale, and the Schmidt family partnership was formed, with Joel and his dad entering business together. Original staff retained, the boys worked hard to ensure their success, not even taking holidays for the next 5 years.

The business thrived, with a local team, hard work, quality products and friendly service. Joel’s family grew to include his lovely wife Jo, and in 2012 they bought out Peter, although Peter still works daily in store.


Joel continues to make the business better every day, striving to make new products and deliver great service. “I love what I do, I always have, customer service is my favourite part, I also love delivering a great product” says Joel. “From ordering everything myself, to advising people on how to cook our meat, the fact that we control the whole process is the strength of the business.”

“The bottom line is that if it’s not in the window, we will get it from the coldroom, and if it’s not in stock, we will order it in for you. We do our best to give you quality products at reasonable prices, sold with customer service that everyone can relate to.”