Andy Bichel Interview on Small Town Life

Earlier in the year, Andy Bichel was kind enough to share his experiences growing up in Laidley, Queensland.


1. What do you love about your current role as the bowling coach for Chennai Super Kings?
A. Working with all the different players from all over the world and bringing them to together to be one of the more successful teams in the competition.

2. What was your experience of growing up in the small town of Laidley?
A. Just having the freedom to do whatever we wanted as kids. Everyone looking out for each other as well which was very special as times have changed a little i believe.

3. Can you tell us one funny story from that time?
A. Riding in the back of a ute from Laidley to Ipswich as a youngster to have a game of Rugby League this was the only way Laidley would of had a team if we all didn’t pile into the back of the EH holden ute.

4. Since leaving Laidley, has your time in other parts of Australia and overseas made you see country living in a different light?
A. Australia is a very special place and has so much to offer the people that live in it, the country life was amazing when i look back now but more importantly what i can produce to provide Australia and many other countries. It holds a very important part to our economy and Australia moving forward because we can produce so much.

6. Would you give us your opinion on the trend of shopping online, and how it is affecting local business?
A. Online shopping has changed many things as to way we buy things today everything is at our finger tips and you can buy most things. With  online shopping it has lost that personal touch we all need as human beings. This is why shopping locally creates a vibe around the country towns which is so important where people are coming together and talking which is good for the mind. Farming is hard work no doubt and all farmers ride the good with the bad. But when you’re doing it tough on the land it so important to come together as a community and this is the way everyone can support local businesses to create that special country feeling